Typical design articles. Get your inspiration here for new bullshit!

Inspiration for your next Medium-article

Feel free to copy one of these titles as a starting point for your next Medium article on design:

  • How design thinking revolutionized the way I do groceries
  • Top 5 things I learned about UX design from being an alcoholic
  • Don’t get held back by imposter syndrome: how to become a UX designer in three days
  • UX design for good: how George Washington designed the USA
  • Hamburger flipping: how I apply my skills as a McDonalds employee in my day-to-day UX Research
  • Strategic and service design: a practical guide modeled on the downfall of the Roman Empire
  • Mobile first for architecture: three lessons from UX-writing
  • The strange interference of moon phases and discovery sprints. Five practical tips
  • Three reasons personas are like solar-systems
  • The practical UX of narwals
  • Cannot afford a mortgage right now? Gibson’s affordance theory explained in 5 gif’s
  • How Fitt’s Law relates will revolutionise dating in 2025
  • Service design IS product design. Why your service is actually a productized market research process
  • UX/UI or UI/UX — Finally the clarification you’ve all been waiting for
  • How service design could be the key to solving the Palestine-Israeli conflict
  • User design. How we stopped worrying about our product and focused on the real problem instead
  • From workshops to shopwork: design your next career opportunity as supermarket-employee
  • UXI, the new paradigm rapidly replacing UX/UI. Are you ready for a new job title?
Obligatory random cliche-Unsplash photo. Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash



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