Designing machine intelligence — inspiration from the Silver Screen


This cute movie goes to show how much expression can be shown without using a screen. Interestingly it’s the robot that humanizes the humans — a very recurrent theme in robot-movies.

A major reason why WALL•E is so endearing, is his amazing expressiveness. He uses just his body and ‘eyes’ for this, although Pixar cheats a bit with how ‘stretchy’ all of the metal is :) (source)


Not a big box-office success, but I liked this movie :)


If you see these movies as a way of prototyping machine intelligence you get a look into the future of how the impact AI could have on people. My main take-aways for creating an experience that feels ‘intelligent’ are: make it show emotion, be vulnerable, have a capacity for learning and have the machine intelligence show empathy.



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