17 tips to save on heating–updated March 2022

Photo by he gong on Unsplash

A list with tips to save on heating

This is how I clean my radiators :D

Addendum: taking the air out of the central heating and refill with water

The photos for repressurizing

My water-pressure is 1.5 bar
This magical key opens up the radiator valves. It also opens up portals to Narnia, if you’ve got the right closet
Impress your friends by repressurizing your radiators yourself
My expansion-vat. This is an oldie, yours is probably red!
1: the valve that provides water (I have to disconnect the washing machine), 2: the hose that’s going to connect numbers 3&4, 4: the valve that lets the water in, 4: a bucket and an old towel. These are the ingredients for a successful refilling.



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